Modern life is impossible without travelling. To understand how true it is you’ve to go to a railway sta an airport where you can see hundreds of people hurrying to board a train or a plane. Those who wish to have at their disposal various means of transport. Some people prefer to travel by plane, some by train or b Many people don’t like to travel by ship because of sea-sick. Others like to travel by bus or by bicycle, cycle or car. The aim of our trip may be different: to see the relatives, make a tour, take part in sport compi or to spend free time with friends and so on. Sometimes we travel on business, sometimes for pleasure

Usually on the eve of your departure you pack your things in a suitcase. It is necessary to take clothes, toilet articles, camera, certainly, your papers and a bag with food.

If you like to travel on foot, which is the cheapest way of travelling, you need only rucksack with cloth! a bag with food. You need not worry about luggage, tickets.


is a superb thing! You improve your health and train your body. During your hike you can run an games, enjoy the beauty of nature, listen to the songs of birds, explore unknown places, meet new people is nothing like sitting round the fire in the evening or sleeping in the tent!

Riding a bike you can follow narrow paths in the forests or fields, where there are no roads. With you| you can travel quickly and cheaply.

Travelling by train is slower than by plane, but it has its advantages. Most of us use trains if we are goi a distant place. Travelling by train you have speed, comfort and pleasure. From the comfortable seat 0 carriage you have a splendid view of the country-side. Before travelling by any kind of transport except car. must book your tickets at the booking-office beforehand.

Going by car one can travel comfortably for long distances. The trouble with the car is that petrol ii expensive now and your car pollutes the air. I think that the fastest way of travelling is by plane, if you have enough money to buy a ticket, of course, me there is nothing like travelling by air.

At the airport you hand in your luggage, then you board the plane. YojiajTsit read. aLbook, look a] window or sleep during your flight. You can ateo haTrtreakfafoldmner, and the stewardess will give

Information about your flight. You will enjoy the beauty of clouds and modern air liner will carry you to the you want very quickly. I’m sure that it is the best kind of travelling because you can save up your time voyage!

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