Город из снега – A snow town

My name is Vika Vishnjakova and I live in a very small town somewhere behind the Polar circle. I study English at school №6 and I am a student of the 7th form. Very often I spend my summer holidays in summer camps near the Black Sea or the Azov Sea. I like it very much because I like to meet children from all parts of Russia. Children come from big cities for example from Archangelsk, Kursk, Kazan, Ryazan, Krasnodar and many other cities. To tell the truth, children usually come from the cities that everyone knows.

But nobody knows about Apatity. Is it a village or a town or a city? What kind of town is it? Where is it situated? Is it in the North or South or West or East? Is it on the map? These questions are usually asked with misunderstanding. Usual questions lead to usual answers. I begin to retell about the town everything I know. It sounds sometimes rather boring.

At last I have found a very optimistic answer that makes everyone get interested. I answer: I LIVE IN A SNOW TOWN! A snow town is a town made of snow or ice.

And I am really right! Winters here last from October till May. It is always snowing in the town of Apatity. All the streets and lanes and houses and trees are always covered with fluffy shining snow. After snowfalls the town looks like as if it is really made of snow. I like winter very much. We (I and my sister) always go in for skiing and skating. After school we play snowballs and make snowmen. Also we like to count northern lights – last winter I saw 5!

I have much to tell about my native town and snow. But it is much betterto see everything with your own eyes. If you like to visit Apatity, you are always welcome! But remember – winter is the best time for visiting!

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Город из снега – A snow town