Білет № 2 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова

ПІд час канікул у країні, мова якої вивчається, у Вас підвищилася температура, Ви звернулися за порадою до лікаря. Розкажіть, як ви почуваєтеся, спитайте, які ліки слід приймати, поцікавтеся, де їх можна купити, скільки вони коштують, і попросіть виписати Вам рецепт.

People say that the first wealth is health. My parents always quarrel with me because I don’t take care of it. When it is cold I walk without hat and scarf. I never do morning exercises. I don’t attend my P. E. lessons. But yesterday I understood that my parents were right.

When I returned to the hotel after the excursion to the Regent’s Park and to the Zoo I felt that something was wrong with me. I had a cold and sore throat. The cough became very bad. I asked my friend to send for the doctor.

He came and felt my pulse, took my temperature and sounded my lungs. He checked my blood pressure. The doctor advised me to have my chest X-rayed.

The doctor prescribed a diet for me, told to stay in bed for 3 days. He gave me a prescription and explained my friend how to find the nearest chemist’s. The doctor told me I should take the medicine so that I would get better. He said that if the temperature was high I would be taken to the hospital.

The chemist made up the medicines for me according to the prescription. She explained how to take them. I did everything to recover and in 3 days I was healthy and went to Scotland.

Wealth – багатство sounded my lungs – вислухав легені quarrel – сваритися checked my blood pressure – поміряв тиск attend – відвідувати to have my chest x-rayed – зробити флюорографію sore throat – хворе горло cough – кашель prescription – рецепт took my temperature – поміряв chemist’s – аптека мені температуру to recover – одужати

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Білет № 2 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова