Білет № 21 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова

Ваші друзі збираються провести спортивний турнір. обговоріть на зборах, які види спорту будуть представлені на цьому турнирі, чему Ви віддали перевагу саме цим, а не іншим, кого Ви збираєтеся запросити на турнір. My friends are going to hold a sport competition at the end of the school year. We need to discuss what kinds of sport will be introduced there. My idea is the following: to represent traditional Ukrainian and English kinds of sports.

Many sports are popular in Ukraine. They are: hockey, soccer, weightlifting, track and field, tennis, basketball, volleyball, boxing, figure-skating, cross-country skiing, swimming, judo and shooting. All these sports have their strong supporters. In our country much attention is paid to organized sports and this shouldn’t overshadow the many sporting activities which

are a part of daily Ukrainian life. Many people grow with outdoor winter sports as well as with swimming, diving, sailing, water skiing, canoeing.

In Great Britain the summer national sport is cricket. Golf is Scotland’s chief contribution to British sport. Walking and swimming are the two most popular sporting activities for men and women. Snooker (billiards), pool and darts are the next most popular sports among men.

But I think that football is the first among them. Football has been called the most popular game in the world. That’s why we decided to choose it and to prepare the team. You know that the team is composed of a goalkeeper, two backs, three half-backs and five forwards. My friends play football well and they are ready for the match. But where to find the rivals? One of the boys proposed to invite boys from other school. But there were two football teams: for boys and for girls. So, we invited both of them – boys to play and girls to support them. The match was great. The friendship won.

Competition – змагання contribution – внесок to represent – представляти supporters – підтримка weightlifting – важка атлетика overshadow – ставити у тінь

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Білет № 21 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова