Білет № 16 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова

У періодичному виданні Ви прочитали оголошення про цікаву зустріч щодо здорового способу життя. Розкажіть своїм товаришам про це оголошення, поінформуйте їх, де і коли відбудеться ця зустріч, і запросіть взяти у ній участь разом із Вами.

In the second half of the 20th century, good health is accepted as normal by most people who live in developed countries. This has resulted partly from improved standards of prenatal and child care and hygiene, partly from better educational methods and communication. Unfortunately, many people take good health for granted and fail to treat their bodies with sufficient care and consideration.

A balanced diet containing the basic food types – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fluids – is essential for satisfactory

growth development, and health. Research shows that communities with a diet containing a large proportion of fish suffer less from heart disease, high blood pressure. A diet based on rise, or root vegetables is likely to lead to some degree of protein deficiency. A balanced diet is one consisting of small amount of meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds.

People living in agricultural societies are often much healthier than those in technologically developed ones. Outdoor activity keeps people strong and supple, whereas a more sedentary lifestyle is more likely to produce joint degeneration and muscular weakness at a relatively early age. Hard manual labor and physical exercises are not necessarily the same thing. The best forms of exercises to avoid excess weight and keep the heart and blood vessels healthy are swimming, skiing, racket games, dancing, cycling, walking, and jogging.

Exercise is an excellent way of combating the ill effects of stress. Meditation is also a good way of calming the mind and inducing a sense of mental and emotional wee being. Laughter, too,

is an excellent antidote to stress, and recreational pleasure is as important to health as is physical exercise.

The importance of personal hygiene is accepted in nearly all countries of the world. Personal hygiene includes washing the hands after visiting the washroom, and washing hands before preparing or eating food. There are certain preventive measures that most people can take against disease – and some which depend upon their availability. Principal aids to personal health are eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercises, learning to relax, and keeping oneself, family, and home as clean as possible. Others are to avoid smoking, drugs, and excessive quantities of alcohol.

Prenatal – внутрішній joint degeneration – деформація суглобів for granted – напевне proteins, fats, carbohydrates – білки, жири, вуглеводи muscular weakness – мускульна слабкість high blood pressure – високий кров’яний тиск blood vessels – кровоносні сосуди combating the ill effects of stress – протидіяти хворобливим ефектам sedentary – сидячий стресу

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Білет № 16 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова