Білет № 20 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова

Ви отримали завдання підготувати короткий огляд телепередач одного з національних каналів. надайте своїм товаришам інформацію про те, які телепередачі Ви порекомендували б проглянути в першу чергу і чому. I would like to start my review of the national TV programs from statistics.

News and information, as well as entertainment, are conveyed largely by means of mass media, forms of communication that permit a one-way flow of information from a single source to a large audience. Ninety percent of all Ukrainian households have at least one television set, and many have more than one. Most Ukrainians under 30 were raised on television, beginning with weekend cartoon marathons as young children, and culminating with hours of watching horror films as teenagers. Ukrainian children under 11 average 28 hours a week

watching television; teenagers average 23. Many adults spend hours watching television as well, whether it be soap operas or “sitcoms”, sports or reenactments of shocking crimes, 24-hour news.

As for me I prefer to watch very popular channel “Discovery”. First of all it is interesting and helps me to prepare reports about nature problems for Biology lessons, to know more about the history of mankind and to entertain myself. One more advantage of this channel is that you can find something interesting at any time. I was impressed by the film connected with the preservation of animals. Let me share this information.

One success story involving a natural environment is the preservation of the polar bear. In 1955, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature recommended that all Arctic countries should stop the hunting of bears. In 1965 the Soviet Union banned the killing of polar bears and established a special reserve for them on Wrangle Island. Norway has set up a similar sanctuary. In Canada, only license holders and Eskimos are permitted to hunt bears. Despite safari hunts outside territorial

waters, the population of the animals is now increasing.

Successful treaties and special reserves have also insured the survival of the northern fur seal, a species that lives and breeds around the islands of the Bering Sea. During the nineteenth century, the seal population was reduced to a minimal level to obtain skins for clothing industry. Protected by law, the population of seals is currently multiplying I think people waste their time watching serials. Some national channels show them most of the time. I strongly recommend you to choose the programs of “Discovery”.

A one-way flow – односторонній потік banned – заборонив “sitcoms” – комедійні шоу treaties – угоди reenactments – постановки seals – тюлені

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Білет № 20 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова