Білет № 3 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова

ПІд час перебування в країні, мова якої вивчається, Вас запросили до театру, а Ви хочете піти на дискотеку. Ввічливо відмовтеся від пропозиції піти до театру, аргументуючи свою думку, погодьтеся на компроміс і запросіть друзів до кінотеатру.

Yesterday my friend invited me to go to the theatre. But I am not a theatregoer. I prefer to spend my free time in the disco clubs. Besides, I’m crazy with rock music. My friend a fan of the English theatre, tried to persuade me. He told me about the history and traditions of this art. He told me a lot of interesting things. At the time of Shakespeare there were at least six companies of actors. Shakespeare himself joined the Earl of Leicester’s company, which under James I became known as the “King’s Men”. There were also companies

where women’s parts were played by boys. When Shakespeare arrived in London in 1586, “The Globe” was opened to the public in 1599. It started the golden age of the theatre in England.

The most popular plays were comedies. The first part played by an actress was that of Desdemona. Nell Gwynn was the first English actress. At present most acting still continues to be naturalistic. Designers make the settings as realistic as possible. Modern producers and directors Peter Hall, Peter Brook and others are trying out new styles of acting. Some go back to Greek methods, with a revival of the chorus; others are making use of the audience in helping to interpret the play. For me such information was interesting but I choose the golden middle and offered my friend to go to the cinema.

Theatre-goer – театрал settings – декорації to persuade – переконувати revival – відродження to be naturealistic – бути природнім

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Білет № 3 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова