Білет № 9 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова

Ви знаходитеся на мовних курсах. У групі Ви розмовляєте про свої дитячі захоплення. Ви розповідаєте про те, що і коли ви колекціонували, якою була Ваша колекція, де ваша колекція зараз та чи змінили ви своє захоплення.

You know that in summer I attended English language school on Malta. One of the lessons was devoted to collecting different things. Hobby is a person’s favorite occupation. People usually choose hobbies according to their interests. They collect stamps, toys, coins, cars, books.

When I was a child of ten I collected dresses for my Barby. It was so interesting to draw them. My Mother helped me to sew them at first. Then I started to make them myself. At school I had a lot of girl-friends who admired my collection. Some of them liked my ideas and soon we decided to organize the club of new fashion for Barbies.

My hobby was both interesting and useful. I asked my parents to take me to the course of sewing. There I was taught how to cut out a pattern, how to join the details. At first it was so difficult but I did my best. My doll and then I had original and nice dresses. Now all Barby’s clothes are in the box waiting for other children. My hobby influenced the choice of my future career. I am going to enter the Academy of Art and Design. Having an interesting profession as well as an interesting hobby will make my life twice more interesting.

To sew – шити to cut out a pattern – вирізати викрійки admired – обожнювали fashion – стиль influenced – вплинуло

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Білет № 9 Відповіді на білети. Англійська мова