Unusual Notice

Mr. Robinson had to travel somewhere on business, and as he was in a hurry, he decided to go by air. He liked sitting beside a window when he was flying, so when he got on to the plane, he looked for a window seat. He found that all of them had already been taken except for one. There was a soldier sitting in the seat beside this one, and Mr. Robinson was surprised that he had not taken the one by the window; but anyhow, he at once went towards it.

When he reached it, however, he saw that there was a notice on it. It was written in ink and said, “This seat is reserved for proper load balance. Thank you”.

Mr. Robinson had never seen such a notice in a plane before, but he thought that the plane must be carrying something particularly heavy in its baggage room which made it necessary to have the passengers properly balanced, so he walked on and found another empty seat, not beside a window, to sit in.

Two or tree other people tried to sit in the window seat beside the soldier, but they too re’ad the notice and went on. Then, when the plane was nearly full, a very beautiful girl stepped into the

The soldier who was watching the passengers coming in, quickly took the notice off the seat beside him – and in this way succeeded in having the company of the girl during the whole of the trip.

Make up questions to the following answers.

Mr. Robinson was in a hurry. He looked for a window seat. It was not taken. There was a notice. Not beside the window. Two or three passengers. It was a beautiful girl. He was lucky.

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Unusual Notice