Как покорить звезду – How to win a star

Recently we watched a film called “Win a date with Tad Hamilton”. This film was about the ordinary girl Rosalee Futch from the country, that won a date with the famous film star Tad Hamilton. She was very happy, because she was a fan of this film-star, she watched all films with his participation. At the end of the film Tad fell in love with her. “How Rosie reached his love” you may ask. Tad as all famous people is always popular among the public, but love of people to him is artifical. That is why I think she won his love due to her simplicity, goodness, sincere, true feelings.

Often famous people become tiredfrom such attention, they want something usual. They can not have friends, because they think people want to be with them only because of their richness

And fame.

If you want to win a star, you must be yourself, without lie.

But when Rosalee won a star, she undertood that she was not in need of him. She noticed that she loved only one man through all her life. It was her friend Pete Monash. Her love to Pete was greater than her love to Tad, exactly not love, I call it attraction to Tad. In conclusion, I want to appeal to everybody, especially to girls. First of all you must become thoughtful whether you need to win a star generally or you do not. Because as in Rosalee`s case she was not in need of it.

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Как покорить звезду – How to win a star