Let me introduce myself. I am Nelly, my surname is Simonenko. I am Ukrainian. My address is 32, flat 45, Frunze street. I live in Alchevsk, Luganskaya region. I am from Ukraine. Now I am 10, my birthday is on the 6th of January. I am a pupil of the 5th form of school N 22, specialized in learning Physics and Maths.

A few words about my appearance. I am rather tall and thin. My face is oval I have dark-blue eyes, thin eyebrows, long black lashes and straight, short nose. My cheeks are rosy and plump. I have a model hair-cut. My lips are red and thin, and my teeth are small but even. Every morning I put my school uniform on.

I study well, I am good at maths, it’s my favourite subject. In future I want to be a teacher of Mathematics like my mother. I must tell you that I go in for sports. Twice a week I attend a basket-ball group. My hobby is collecting stamps; I have got nearly a thousand ones. Besides I am fond of reading. I must confess that I like pop-music very

much and I am ready to listen to my favourite group “Queen” all day long. I try to master English to understand English songs. I am a merry and emotional girl but sometimes I am hot-tempered.

Now I want to describe my brother, Andrew by name. He is one year elder than I am. He is a pupil of the 6th form of the same school. Andrew’s face is oval with dark – blue eyes. His nose is aquiline. Andrew looks like our father. His cheeks are always pale and hollow and you can see frlskles on his face when spring comes. Andrew has large ears and short, straight, red hair. My brother wears a blue shirt, a dark blue suit and black shoes. He collects badges and coins. Andrew is a good sportsman because he goes in for sports every day and plays football perfectly well. He has got a brilliant memory and an ear for music.

We are good friends with my brother. He is a kind and merry fellow. We spend our free time together joking and listening to our favourite pop-groups. We help each other a lot and try not to quarrel.

1.What’s your name? 2.How old are you? 3.Where are you from? 4.What are you? 5.Can you describe your appearance? Are you tall of short? What is the colour of your eyes? 8.What can you say about your character? 9.How do you like to spend your free time? 10. What is your hobby?

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