Кино в моей жизни – Cinema in my life

I am keen on movies, that is why I am interested in everything that is connected with it.

First some words about history of cinematography. In 1895 the Lumieres brothers made their first three minute film which was demonstrated to the public. It was almost a century ago. Nowadays cinema is probably the most popular form of entertainment in the world.

I like seeing films very much. I go to the cinema almost every weekend. I have an excellent movie theatre in my neighborhood. It is situated straight nearly my house. Most of all I like seeing adventures, fantastic, historical and romantic films. When I was a little boy, I liked cartoons very much. I saw them everyday. My Dad didn’t like it. But I think that everybody saw cartoons in childhood very often, didn’t they? Of course, yes.

In our country many foreign films are shown and I like seeing them very much. Lately I saw a film “Avatar” and I enjoy it very much. In this film I saw brilliant acting of actors and actresses, fascinating scenery and costumes, wonderful music, curious plot and surprising work of the producers. This film is really worth seeing.

My favorite actor is Brad Pitt. If you are keen on movies, you are sure to know this name, because he is probably one of the brightest Hollywood stars. He certainly looks like a star: he is well-built and handsome, with friendly eyes and a fascinating smile.

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Кино в моей жизни – Cinema in my life