Что такое счастье – What happiness is

Happiness is a state of mind when we are satisfied with our life and full of energy. But how can it be reached?

First of all, we have to make the people who surround us happy. In particularly, they are our relatives and friends. As it is known, positive emotions (as well as negative) can be communicated to the others. So, a person can scarcely be happy looking at miserable faces.

As for personal success, everybody have different opinion on this score. For the ones it is a lucky career, but for the others – an affectionate and understanding family or just a quiet life in the countryside.

One of theuniversal ways to happiness is an ability to define a purpose and to make all the necessary efforts to reach it. As I have already assured, that gives an opportunety to feel

Relative freedom and self-sufficiency.

Anyway, all the people use their own means to gain happiness. At the same time, we do not always manage to fulfil all the designed plans. Despite

this fact, we should not give way to dispair, since belief in success is not less important.

I would like to write about the role of cosmetic for people. Each person dreams about ideal skin, body, hair, nails. In the modern world you cannot do without cosmetics. Men and women want to look great. Health and beauty products are very effective for this aim. In the world there are many different companies. For example, AVON, Oriflame, Faberlik, Mary Key, Mia.

As for me, I have been using Avon cosmetics since 2007. This cosmetic is really for me. My lips look wonderful, my skin is soft. Different creams, gels, hairsprays, lip gloss, inks and others are very useful for me. Every morning I put inkon eyes. They become more expressive. Lip gloss helps my lips to look gentle, shiny, and fresh. It`s very important in my make-up.

Also, Avon cosmetic includes different perfumes:

For example, Pur blanka, True glow, Incandescence. They are associated with different smells: fruit, flowers, fresh, and sea. As for me, I prefer Pur Blanca Blossom. This perfume is soft, womanly, and romantic. I am happy. I

would recommend the perfume “Make me wonder”. This smell is for girls, who love the East. It is fruity. In the Avon catalogue you can see perfume for man. For example, Full Speed, Black Suede Touch. They have pleasant smells.

In this catalogue you can see accessory, too. It includes earrings, rings, and necklace. Also it includes clutches and bags, umbrellas. These things are very important for girls. They have supplement style.

Sometime I use cosmetic from Faberlik. This cosmetic is usually issued by separate series. For a day I have series,

Which consist of gel, soap, scrub for body, foam for a bath, and face pack. Smell of these products is juicy and tasty. It offers smell of apples and currant. It is associated with autumn.

I think that ordering cosmetic in the catalogue is very convenient. You can sit in the house with a computer or read a catalogue and choose necessary cosmetics. You will receive the ordered products for a month. On the other hand, it is long. But you will see desirable result.

I am sure that cosmetic helps you look great. But it is not necessary to abuse it. Natural beauty is your advantage. Cosmetic underlines it.

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Что такое счастье – What happiness is