Talking to Elton John

When I’m not working, I like plodding round the kitchen doing the things everybody else does. I love going to the supermarket to do the shopping. I come back with far more stuff than I need. When I am on holiday in St. Tropez, I love to get up at six in the morning to get the fresh bread. People often see me wheeling my trolley round the supermarkets in the town.

I’ve tried going out in disguise-dark glasses, hat, that sort of thing – but nine tirnes out often it doesn’t work. Most people are very pleasant and polite. But it’s frustrating if you get out of bed on the wrong side – and you do some days – and someone asks you for an autograph and they haven’t got a pen or a piece of paper. But 1 enjoy my popularity; I don’t see the point in being a recluse.

That’s a trigky one to answer. I’ve always been a bit of a loner. By that I don’t mean that I’m lonely. It’s just that I like to be my

own boss all the time. Don’t confuse that with being lonely because I’m not. I’ve lots of great friends around me. But I’m terribly set in my ways and, at my age, it’s very hard to change. I don’t particularly want to, either. Being successful has given me the confidence to do things I wouldn’t have had the courage to do otherwise. But I still retain that shyness when I first meet people. I’m never going to get rid of that.

I ‘m one of those people who only has to look at a doughnut and I immediately put on a kilo without even eating it. I’ve always had a problem with my weight. It doesn’t bother me too much, although I get depressed when I’m very overweight. I dieted once and I became so obsessed that I nearly made myself ill. But I’m happy with the way I am at the moment. If you exercise at least three or four times a week and play tennis, then it’s no problem, but you have to keep at it.

When I get up in the morning, I go on this exercise machine I’ve got and walk four or five miles in an hour. That burns off the calories for the rest of the day. When I’m on tour, I eat three meals a day and don’t snack. I can’t eat before or after a show so that helps. It’s when I’m at home – the worst thing is the fridge and snacking. I’m a terrible snacker. I’m a big bread fan and I love curry.

I can’t keep touring and making records for the rest of my life got to try something different now and then. One thing I am interested in doing is writing a musical.

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Твір на тему хіба ревуть воли.
Talking to Elton John