Что такое любовь? – What Is Love?&nbsp

What is love? Surely all the people who lived before us on the Earth asked this question, but in the XXI century, we have no answer to this question. If you ask people “What is Love?” they will hardly have enough words to describe it. All people are waiting for it, and everyone seems to know it, when it comes.

Love – is the greatest mystery of all time.

Love in all the centuries was the main motive force of human energy towards the harmony of life. Many works of art are dedicated to love. It seems to be very intimate feeling, even influenced the course of history.

It entrust their destiny and the great generals autocrats. Therefore, there are many theoretical definitions of love. If you dig in the dictionary, you can find it somewhere between “moon” and “buttercups”. In any case, these characters explain why the art of love are full of “moonlight” and “flowers”.

Love drives us and determines

our fate. It is spontaneous, illogical and intangible.

Science, which studies the nature of this feeling, found fantastic changes that occur in love: love suppresses areas of the brain responsible for feelings of fear, negative emotions, criticism and feedback on those areas that are responsible for basic human needs (the need for water, food, oxygen, protection from extreme temperatures), as well as the area responsible for the function of obtaining pleasure. Unexpected assumptions about the nature of love expressed anthropologists, biochemists, philosophers, theologians. However, they all recognize that the feelings that are able to experience each other men and women are likely worth more and incomprehensible.

Doctors say that love – a kind of compulsive addictive mental disorder. This disorder, which we are powerfully attracted to the subject of love. This is akin to drug addiction in general, and very similar to cocaine dependence, in particular.

Philosophers say that this is a special state of mind and soul that you can not understand until then, until you yourself fall in love. And Carl

Gustav Jung wrote: “This is not madness. Is it appropriate to do here, the word” mind “? This is both light and darkness, the end and edge that will never happen. And no one can escape this mysterious power.” Plato said that love is not of this world, it is otherworldly flower. To love means to touch the secret, but to touch her not to comprehend it.

Biologists enthuse about love, as a brilliant ploy of evolution. People, who are in love, have the one area of the brain, which is responsible for the most basic needs, becomes very active. This love is fully focused on the subject of his passion, not noticing anything around. A man is ready to break a relationship and parting with friends, if it is an obstacle to his love. It is easy to change nationality, social status, views on life, beliefs. This worldview is called bounded. In other words, love stupid. But biologists believe that this is the most energy-efficient way of preserving nature.

The ancient Greeks distinguished between four types of love: eros, branch, agape, storge. Eros – a rapturous love, physical and spiritual passion. This is a passion more for themselves than for another, there are many I-centric. Subsidiaries – love, friendship, more spiritual and more peaceful feeling. It is in the teachings of Plato on love was built to a higher level. Agape – altruistic, spiritual love. It is full of sacrifice and renunciation. This is love for another and for the sake of another. World religions call this highest of earthly love the human senses. Storge – love, affection, family love, full of soft focus to a favorite. Mania – love-obsession (from the Greek “mania” – a painful passion). The madness of the gods – the so-called love. Its symptoms are perpetuated Sappho and Plato – the confusion and pain of the soul, warmth of heart, loss of sleep and appetite.

I`m sure if you ask every person living on our planet, one more question: What is better not to love at all, do not feel that feeling? Or love, but to lose?

Almost all answer will be – better to love, but lose. Others – just deal falsely.

I believe that love is thrilling, disturbing feeling that once wakes up a person and gives life meaning, joy, pain, anxiety, thinking, thirst, dreams, dreams, plans, deeds. This is the gift of God, which can be a reward, and perhaps a punishment.

In conclusion, I want to say that, while there will be humanity, the theme of love will always be open.

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Что такое любовь? – What Is Love?&nbsp