The Travellers and the Purse

You have read and heard several little stories by Aesop who lived more that two thousand years ago. As you know, Aesop laughs in his stories at what is bad and foolish and so helps people to become better. The stories are still told today.

Here is one of them for you. Two men were travelling together along a road when one of them picked up a purse. “How glad I am!” he said. “I have found a purse. It is heavy, it must be full of gold”. “Do not say “I have found a purse”, said his comrade. “Say “We have found a purse” and “How glad we are. Usually travellers help each other, and if they find something, they divide it between them”. “No, no”, replied the other. “I have found this purse and I am going to keep it”.

At that moment they heard a shout of “Stop, thief!” They looked round and saw some people running down the road. The man who had found the purse said, “We

are lost if they find the purse on us”. “No, no”, replied the other, “you did not say “we” before, so now you must say “I”. Say – “I am lost”.

Many people like to spend part of their holiday travelling by car if they have one. Usually they choose to go to interesting places they have not been to before. If the

Weather is fine, they have a very pleasant holiday. It is certainly very important for car drivers to know all the rules of the road. But sometimes they forget about the rules and something may happen. That’s why there are a lot of anecdotes about people driving cars.

Here is a joke about two of them. Two car – drivers met in a very narrow street in London. Neither of them wanted to go back with his car. The first took out a newspaper and began to read it. In an hour the second driver asked politely, “When you finish reading, won’t you give the paper to me?” As you see, this story has a happy end, but for those who forget the rules of the road the end may be quite different.

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The Travellers and the Purse