Как спасти окружающую среду? – How to protect the environment?

I think that Russia is one of the dirtiest countries in the world. In Russia almost every family has a car. And fumes of cars are very dangerous. Our factories, cars, trains and planes make the air dirty, so the atmosphere is polluted.

I believe that one day somebody will invent energy that hasn’t fumes. Or people will use renewable energy, for example solar energy, wind energy or hydro-electric dams. I know that these energies aren’t so powerful, but we can use it sometimes, for example for cookers.

I think that right now we need new energy, because oil and coal are disappearing. All countries will be in the economiccrisis, if we don’t find new energy!

I know that the world is getting hotter because of us! When the sun shines, everything gets hot

And the dirt stops the hot air from going up to the sky. Because the hot air has nowhere to go, everything gets hotter.

Our world is warmer than it was one hundred years ago. Hot countries may become

drier and the people who live there won’t be able to grow enough food. Ice in cold areas is changing to water because of higher temperatures. When this happens, the sea levels become bigger. Some towns near the sea may have a problem soon.

We can help if we stop making the air dirty but we must do something fast!

In addition, not many people understand that they are polluting environment. They are dropping litter on the streets. In my opinion drop litter or rubbish in the dustbin isn’t hard it’s easy.

I think that there must be group of people who will

Follow the people whodrop litter in the streets. Finally there must be more bins in the streets. And, of course, don’t cut down trees!!! Grow trees, they clean the air!

I’m sure all is in hands of people. I call up: Protect environment, save nature!

I always drop litter in bins and call up my friends to do the same. Maybe when I grow up somebody will have already invented clean and powerful energy.


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Как спасти окружающую среду? – How to protect the environment?