City & Guilds helps to find a new friend!

Hello, dear reader!!!

Today was not anything special until one great thing. Today I went to skating with my friends and my mum. After coming back I started to write essays to International Essay Competition which is organized by City & Guilds. I sent essays and then I checked my new letters. And I found that I had letter from City & Guilds. And I was really surprised because I did not send essays yesterday. In this letter I got emails of girls who motivate to do my best. Also, I got the letter of Karina for my email where she said hi to me. I was really shocked and smiled at the same time. Then I added Karina as a friend in facebook. And we wrote good things to each other. Then I checked new essays on City & Guilds website. And I found an essay which is called “Letter to Anastasia and City & Guilds”. It was from Karina. She wrote that she also was shocked to get a letter from me and that she loved my short essay about myself. It is really great. It is one of

the craziest things that have happened with me in this year. I believe that Karina and I become best friends soon.

Also, I was really really really shocked that the director of City & Guilds in Russia, Mr. Andrew Bayley transferred the words of thanks about my essay which is called “Letter for City & Guilds, Tanya and Karina!” I have never ever imagined that Mr. Andrew Bayley can read essays especially mine because I realize that he is very busy. But I am really happy that You have read my essays. I think that City & Guilds helps me to find a new friend. And I hope that I can find more friends here. I think that I have already won from this International Essay Competition because I find a new friend and my essays are read by a wonderful person as Mr. Andrew Bayley.

Also, I want to say thank to each member of City & Guilds team because without your work it would be International Essay Competition and anything that I get!!! Now I have the feeling that I am getting Oscar!!! That is awesome!!! I love you so much!!!

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City & Guilds helps to find a new friend!