Newcomers from Mars

Today we know that there is no life on Mars. But we found it out not long ago when our rockets had been sent to that planet. For a long time many people thought that there could be some sort of life there. The famous English writer H. G. Wells wrote an exciting novel “The War of the Worlds” about the newcomers from that planet. Listen to what had happened once in America. One Sunday evening Wells introduced his play over the radio.

The play began with news telling about a mysterious explosion on the planet Mars. Then there was a new report about a burning object that was falling down to Earth. Then it told the listeners that a reporter had seen a strange thing shining so brightly that it was too hard to look at.

Suddenly the thing opened and something came out. It had a v-shaped mouth with no lips. Some policeman wanted to stop it but they were burnt by the newcomer. More and more such things landed on the earth, opened and terrible newcomers came out. The reporter cried out. Suddenly he stopped reporting. He was dead.

Over six million people heard the play. More than two million thought it was the truth. They had not heard H. G. Wells introduction to the play. It caused panic. Many people thought that flying saucers had come to the Earth from Mars.

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Newcomers from Mars