Ответы на аглийском по теме: cinema

1. Do you like the cinema? Yes, I do. I am fond of cinema, because it’s one of the ways of entertainment.
2. Which films, feature or documentaries do you prefer? I like both. Feature films are made especially to entertain the public and documentaries are based on real facts and usually show the true picture of real life, so they are not less entertaining and interesting and. amusing than feature films.
3. Which film is on now at the cinema near your house? The film “Gone with the Wind” is on now at the cinema near my house.
4. With whom do you usually go to the pictures? I usually go to the pictures with my friends, classmates or with my parents.

5. Which films have been released lately? Many films have been released lately and are being released regularly. It’s hard to remember all of them. But some of them can be mentioned. So they are such films as “The Patriot” (with Mel Gibson as the leading actor), “The Green Mile”

(with Tom Hanks), “Remember the Titans” (with Denzel Washington), “The Runaway Bride” (with Julia Roberts) and others.
6. Which film version of a novel have you seen recently? Recently I have seen the film version of the novel by Margaret Mitchell “Gone with the Wind”.
7. What are your impressions? The film is very interesting and spectacular. A Hollywood film producer David O. Selznik chose the famous film stars of the time, Clark Gable, for the part of Rhett Butler and Vivien Leigh, for the part of Scarlett. And they were very beautiful in it. The theme of the novel is that of survival and I think the producer and the actors were quite good at presenting this idea. It is not surprising that this film is considered to “be one of the greatest motion pictures of all times. I enjoyed the picture very much.
8. Do you prefer to watch films at the cinema or on television? I prefer to watch films on television,

9. At what price do you buy tickets for the cinema? I buy tickets for the cinema at the price of about 7 grivnyas.
10. Why do you buy tickets

beforehand? I usually buy tickets beforehand because I like to have seats in the centre of the hall.
11. What can you see in the foyer of a cinema? You can see the portraits of Ukrainian and foreign film stars and frames of some new films in the foyer of the cinema.
12. Do you prefer the cinema to the theatre? No, I don’t prefer the cinema to the theatre. Because the theatre is good in a way. I enjoy both the cinema and the theatre very much.

– Word List to be released – выходить
– to be mentioned – быть указанным (названным)
– the leading actor – актер, который выполняет главную роль
– spectacular – зрелищный
– theme – тема
– novel – роман
– to be considered – считаться motion
– picture – фильм, кино

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Ответы на аглийском по теме: cinema