Мое отношение к субкультурам – My relation to subcultures

My relation to subculture is different. Subculture is a good thing on the one hand, because the young people can go to some groups and they can communicate with the friends. These young people are similar in interests and hobbies. All of them have common topics for dialogues. As a rule, they are the musical fans. It shows their unity to think in the same way.

Unfortunely, subculture influences on the man not from the best part, because majority of the members have some negative features. Usage of drugs, usage of alcohol, their behavior, which is out of the law in most cases, are some of them. They are Hippies, Punks, Goths, Bikers. Mods and Emoes are other, the better ones.

It seems to me, subculture was formed for the purpose the man would express his individuality, but it is not the only way to make it. Sport, for example, is extensible consept. I want to advise all people not to enter into such groups. They should say “No!”

I want to say: “Subculture is style of life for some people, but it`s bad style, because many young people kill themselves in most cases. So my relation to subculture is negative”.

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Мое отношение к субкультурам – My relation to subcultures