Письмо моему американскому учителю – A letter to my American teacher

Hello, Marty!

This is Valentina from Stary Oskol in Russia. Do you remember me? I was in the summer camp in Anapa with my grandmother.

How are you? Do you have many students this year?

I am very happy because this year my parents gave my a great present – little sister! Her name is Kate. She is six months now. Sometimes I try to speak English with her. She laughs and nods her head.

I am doing very well at school. English is my favourite subject. I also go dancing and singing.

Are you going to come to our town again? We all remember the amazing Halloween camp and would like to have another one.

We are missing you a lot!

Big hello from my family.

Hope to see you soon


Привет Марти!

Это Валентина из Старого Оскола в России. Помнишь меня? Я приезжала в летний лагерь в Анапу со своей бабушкой.


твои дела? Много студентов в этом году?

Я очень счастлива, потому что в этом году мои родители сделали мне великолепный подарок – маленькую сестренку! Ее зовут Катя. Ей шесть месяцев. Иногда я пытаюсь говорить с ней по английски. Она смеется и кивает головой.

Я хорошо учусь в школе. Английский мой любимый предмет в школе. Еще я занимаюсь танцами и пением.

Ты собираешься приехать в наш город снова? Мы все помним замечательный лагерь Хэлоувин и хотели бы еще один такой.

Мы все очень скучаем по тебе!

Большой привет от моей семьи.

Надеюсь скоро увидеться


Письмо подруге (пример письма)

– A Letter To My Friend

11 September 2011

Dear Alice!

Sorry I have not written, but have not had much time. Despite a lack of time, I am writing to you, I should say that I am over the moon! Everything goes smoothly due to my friends. I have no idea what could have happened if I had not met them. Supposing it was possible to go to the Black Sea, I would like to go sightseeing in the Crimea.

After passing my exams I was furious and could not concentrate on anything or calm down. So, my friends advised me to go with them, and before long I agreed to go. As soon as our discussion was finished we went to the Black Sea. It was in the summer. Despite the fact that it was raining all the time, we enjoyed our trip. We went for a walk every day, and visited different sights of Evpatoria.

Astonishingly, there is a library named after A. S. Pushkin. Occasionally we saw the mosque – Muslim church – named Dzhumadzhamie. It was built in a bit unusual way, presumably it was constructed in such a way because of the architecture of the city, but still we liked it very much. Also we dreadfully wanted to go to the lake. If it were not for the tram, it would take us more time to get to it. Even though it was raining, we swam in the lake and enjoyed ourselves.

I will be grateful to you if you send me a letter and tell me what happened in your life. I would like to meet with you soon, probably, sitting in a caf?, drinking a cup of hot tea. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,


Письмо другу – A letter to my friend

Hello, I am doing well, thanks! How are you? Any news? I would like to say thank you for your support indeed, I do appreciate it. Yes, right you are, I do understand that I am too young to be professional in this field and I need more practice, but anyway I try to do my best.

I will definitely answer your questions, but maybe not now, because it is too difficult to answer at once and explain everything. Russia is a big country and I have not been everywhere of its corners. I live in Saratov as I said; I have been to Moscow, Pyatigorsk, Ekaterinburg and some other cities, so you see I like travelling very much. I wished to go to England but I could not get visa… and at this moment I have a lot to do except for travelling, so I need to pass my exams and graduate from the university. I participated not only in the translation competitions, but other competitions as well. It is interesting and challenging, beginning from the 1-st year of my study at the university I tried to be active and enthusiastic about learning languages.

Once I tried to find the book written in English by the English author, Dougie Brimson. It is “Billy`s log”, maybe you have it? Unfortunately in Saratov I could find only Russian version, so the translation of this book and I can`t find the original version in English.

And what about you? As I understood you are now in England at the moment. It seemed to me that once you went there you decided to stay in England? How do you find this country? Is it really raining all days long? I look forward to your e-mail.



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Письмо моему американскому учителю – A letter to my American teacher