A letter of complaint

Dear Madam, Further to your letter of 2-nd February, I am writing to express my annoyance about the accrued taxes and interest in the amount of 623,33 rub. on the property which I do not possess.

Again I report you that the property, situated at number 8 Kirova Square, had never belonged, and now it does not belong to me. Firstly, I had specifically requested to investigate this question, and sent a letter of complaint to the taxpayer department on the 21-st of December, but I have not yet received any answer. For all I understand you have not found a taxpayer, who possesses this property, and keep sending more letters to me.

I feel that your employees acted irresponsibly, and I believe I am entitled to request not to bother me any more with the letters to pay taxes for another person who I am not responsible for. You`d better give this matter your urgent attention, or else I really will have to take further action.

Yours faithfully,

Tatyana Konovalova

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A letter of complaint