My town

I live in Ukraine, in Donbass and my native town Alchevsk is situated in Luganskaya region. It’s an hour ride from the centre of the region, Lugansk. Its population is 126,5 thousand people. The total area of Alchevsk is 50 square kilometres. It has no river but it has Isakovo pool and 4 ponds.

Our town is not very old. It was founded in 1896 and was a little industrial town with narrow, dirty streets and small plant in it. Then our town began to grow very quickly. Now it is a large industrial centre with a great number of factories, different enterprises and two big works. There are some mines near Alchevsk. Our iron and steel works is one of the biggest in our country. It produces steel and iron to many other cities and abroad. Our town is rather big industrial centre in Ukraine, that is why it is one of the most polluted. Nowadays it is one of the most important problems. I hope we’ll do our best to solve the problem of environmental protection.

Our town

is very attractive, especially in spring and summer, because it has a lot of greenery. The people like to go for a walk in our two parks.

Alchevsk has got many schools, two music schools, an arts school, a sport school, a technical school, some vocational schools and the Institute.

One can hardly call our town an important cultural centre. There are only two cinemas, two museums and some libraries in our town. Alchevsk has got a lot of shops, some department stores, two markets. There are a lot of commercial shops everywhere.

Among the most interesting monuments one can mention the Monument to the Soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. We have no theatre but three palaces of culture.

Alchevsk has two stadiums where one can go in for sports. Football teams of our town take part in the regional competitions.

The inhabitants of Alchevsk have a rest at their cottages in summer near the Isakovo pool. Many new districts have been built in Alchevsk and trolley-bus lines connect new districts with the centre of the town. The streets of my town are straight and green. I like my native town, so I want

it to become more beautiful with every coming year. In 1996 we celebrated its 100-th anniversary.

Where do you live? How old is your town? Why do you call your town industrial? What industrial enterprises are there in Alchevsk? Are there many students in your town? Why? What kinds of transport can you see on the streets of your town? Which problem is the most important for your town? What sightseeings can you show to the guests of your town? Where do the inhabitants of Alchevsk have a rest?

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My town