There are post-offices in every city, town and even in every village. In towns and cities there are po offices in every district. When you enter the post-office you see the windows for each department: “Registered Letters”, “Mon Orders”, “Telegraph”, “Trunk Line”, “Parcels”, “Stamps, Cards, Envelopes”, “Subscription” and others. At I post-office you can send a letter (ordinary or registered), a telegram, a postcard or a parcel. At the same tii you also can buy an envelope and a stamp or a postcard with holiday greetings.

If you want to sent a letter you have to put it into an envelope, stick a stamp on the envelope, write t address, seal it up and only then you can drop it into the letter-box in the street or at the post-office. In some da a postman will deliver your letter to the addressee.

Sending a letter abroad, remember about the correct order of writing the address. First of all you

must wr the name of the person to whom you send a letter, then comes the number of the house, the flat, the name oft street, district and last comes the country. Sad quite differs from ours. Don’t forgettorwrite your address ai 1, for America-in the top left corner. Use polii greetings and endings in the letter. Usually the addressee’s name and address are written in the ce envelope and the sender’s address in the left corner of the envelope. It is important to know how ma are needed for sending a letter abroad.

A few words about telegrams. There are three types of the telegram service’in our country: ordina. express. You must pay by word, so the text of a telegram usually is very short.

If you want to send a money order (postai or telegraph )you will fill in the form. At the post-o. usually subscribe to the newspapers or magazines. Here one can also receive registered letters or parcels. The post-office pays pensions and family allowances IOOT

In the streets of your town or at the post-offices there are telephone booths from which you can ph you must pick up a receiver, dial

the number wanted, then put a coin into a slot, if you hear a long buz be sure you’ll get through. When you want to call to another city or to another country you must ma1 distance call. If you want to send a parcel, the clerk will wrap it, weigh it on the scales and you will pay for it There are different ways of sending your mail: by land or by air. You can send a letter by air-mail, but: more. Letters are delivered to your home by a postman, telegrams by a telegraph clerk. The post-offi many different services.


L. What do you do if you want to send a letter? 2.Who usually delivers letters and telegrams? 3.What departments are there at the post-office? 4. Where must you stick a stamp on the envelope? 5.Can you drop a registered letter into a letter-box? 6.Why do people consider it’s more convenient letters by air-mail? 7. What is delivered quicker a telegram or a le 8.Can you make a long distance call from telephone booth? 9.What department must you visit to send a tel 10.What is the most convenient mea communication?

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