INDUSTRIES IN UKRAINE. Вправа 14, 22 стор. 11

Ukraine produces almost 5% of the world’s industrial output in almost 300 industrial branches. Ukraine provides оПе-tenth of the planet’s cast iron, one-eleventh of the steels, and one-tenth of pit coal. Heavy industries, coal and machine building are predominant in the national industrial complex. Defence industry also occupies an important place at present, it is being restructured, with the emphasis on the output of consumer goods. Today Ukraine is producing modern supersonic air liners, grain harvesters, powerful locomotives and computers, TV sets, automatic lines, robots, modern trolley-buses and other products whose major characteristics answer top international standards.

“Ukrainian scientists make a valuable contribution to the development of – world science.

Ukraine is the first in Europe in iron ore extraction, production of steel, cast iron, tractors, mineral fertilizers, sugar and grain; the second in coal mining, and the third in producing concrete, electric energy and various equipment.

Word List output – випуск, продукція, виробіток, продукт to provide – забезпечувати consumer goods – товари масового вжитку mineral fertilizers – мінеральні добрива iron ore extraction – видобуток залізної руди coal mining – вуглевидобуток concrete – бетон

Вправа 22, стор. 11

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INDUSTRIES IN UKRAINE. Вправа 14, 22 стор. 11