Молчание – золото – Silence is golden

Here is an old saying: silence is golden, So, how right is it?

That`s not an easy question, and I don`t expect to find a perfect theory that will work out for everybody and everything. To begin with, there are a lot of situations in our life when this saying really works.

Sometimes it tells everything and sounds even more loudly than any words to be said. Sometimes we can perfectly explain our feelings and emotions just by saying nothing. Keeping silence is also a good way to avoid a quarrel when we totally disagree with somebody and at the same time we understand that words won`t lead us anywhere if we say them out loud.

As for me, the ability to keep silence is a useful skill one can have.

But for every plus there is always a minus. If there is a problem,

Silence can make this problem even more complicated.

However, every problem can be solved by communicating. If you don`t speak, your emotions will be bottled up. Words may even hurt you if you keep them inside. And rolling in your own emotions can only cause you more pain.

So, to make a long story short, we should control silence and not to let silence control us. We should be silent when silence is needed and speak up when we need to.

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Молчание – золото – Silence is golden