Мой город Новороссийск – My city Novorossiysk

Novorossiysk is situated in the geographical point where three typys of environment meet: sea, mountains and steppes.

During the Great PAtriotic War Novorossiysk became the arena of very severe combats. Due to courage and firmness of soviet warriors the enemy, who was heading for the Caucuses, was stopped here by the walls of the city in September of 1942.

Small land is a bridgehead with the area of 27 square kilometers. For 225 days and nights there were fierce fights here.

The Germans sent to divisions and lots of tanks against the marines. The enemy`s artyllery and frontline aveation rained down bombs and shells on the position of the marines. This unequal fight lasted for three days and nights, but the marines were able to hold the bridgehead until the landing of

The main forces of the 18th landing army under the command of lieutenant general Leselidze K. N.

There are lots of monuments in Novorossiysk. On the square of Freedom, in the centre of the city, the sculptural group of city defenders (a soldier, an infantryman and a girl – partisan) stiffened in their rushing forward movement. Above them proudly flutters the standard of victory.

And on the seafront on the rising concrete wave stands a torpedo launch, the symbol of fast warships that assaulted the city in 1943. A bit further you can see the bronze figure of the Unknown Sailor.

The bright pages of the city history, immortallized in stone and bronze, names of streets and squares, are connected with the revolutionary, war and labour traditions.

I love my city very


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Мой город Новороссийск – My city Novorossiysk