Кратко о City & Guilds

Examination City & Guilds is based in 1878. The organization is under protection Royal family of the Great Britain and is one of the leading commissions of the Europe. From the beginning tested only Englishmen, them estimated on 400 qualifications. However now this examination was recognized with 100 countries of the world, examined test on 500 specialties. At us in Russia examination City &Guilds can be passed in Novosibirsk, at school of foreign languages “I”.

The given examination spend in writing, 2-3 hours depending on a level, and levels only 6 last. At all levels the structure of examination is identical (it consists of tests).

However spend also oral examination C&G. It is conversation of the candidate with the examiner, the native speaker. The competence handing over is checked ideology and monologist speech, language speech, cultural. Cost of examination as depends on a level of language preparation.

City &Guilds Closely cooperates with representatives of the industry, business and formation.

Thus, if you have certificate C&G of level Communicator according to this system your level of knowledge of English corresponds to 70-90 points on scale TOEFL.

The given examination checks knowledge of a modern spoken language, it is as much as possible approached to a life and its maintenance is on a regular basis edited

In general examination City &Guilds is very important stage in a life for those who studies English language, those who is going to move to United Kingdom and to work there.

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Кратко о City & Guilds