Мое путешествие – My trip

When I was 13 years old, my Mum took me abroad to have a rest and to see Europe. I fell in love in Italy. It was very magnificent country: Rom, Florence, Venice, Vatican, Pisa. Those cities were naturally connected with ancient time, with history. Small streets, the antiquarian markets, old bridges. I associate it with Romantisism. The most beautiful and favorite city, which I would visit again, was Verona. The city of “Romeo and Juliet “. Verona was a creation of art, city that was painted on various canvas. Rom was associated with fights: the Colosseum, The Forum, the days of Caesar. Venice-named “City of taste” was very beautiful and unforgettable: ancient buildings, boat transport, artistic gondoliers. I could go along the streets and feel sea freshness. The

Next country that made a great impression on me – it was France. The fist symbol that I saw was The Eifel Tower. I admired of Louver and Versailles. could see a lot of amaizing sculptures,

fountains and pools. Fantastic lasagna, Neuschwanstein, Alexander Platz. I am very grateful to my parents because they gave me a chance to see that surprising world: Europe.

Have you ever been to a paradise, where life is absolutely different from our pace of living? I`ve been to, fortunately! And I lost my heart there.

It`s incredibly beautiful and hypnotic, with lush vegetation, white beaches and vividly greed countryside. Entire community lives along the canals and lagoons, acting as a vital means of communication between remote villages and crowded towns. You should visit Kerala in January so as to avoid monsoon season and enjoy warm days and comfortably cool nights.

The place is so unspoilt despite being relatively close to Goa. People didn`t seem to have worked out that Kerala is a lot nicer and much less touristy. So you feel as if you discover something entirely new, like you are totally on the different planet. However, this paradise has been nominated one of National Geographic top 50 must-see, so I do believe that it is going to change dramatically.

Take a trip along the backwater. Gliding silently along

in a canoe, you get to see a rural Kerala preserved through the ages and completely hidden from the road. You`ll pass the dwellers doing their laundry in the river, schoolteachers taking classes in the banks and so on, which is an enchanting experience!

All the islands are surrounded by a network of rivers and lakes. It is a home of unique culture. You should watch the locals fishing: they hang from their canoes into the water and pick up fish with their teeth!!! It`s unbelievable!!

So, it you have a chance to visit Kerala, don`t hesitate!! You`ll have incredible time!

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Мое путешествие – My trip