Our country is one of the largest in the world. It occupies about 17 million square kilometer, and this about one seventh of the dry land on our planet. The country stretches by 10000 km from East to West. This is the length of a quarter of the equator. Spreading widely from East to West the territory of Russia comprises 11 time zones.

Russia is situated in two parts of the world at once: one third of the territory of Russia belongs to the Eastern Europe, and the part between the Ural and the Pacific belongs to the Northern Asia. Being so large Russia has common borders on many neighbouring states. In the west and in the north our land borders on Finland, Poland, Baltic states and others. The southern neighbours are the Turkey, Georgia. Further to the East there are other countries – such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. And in the Far East we have common borders on Korea, Japan and the USA.

Our country is washed by three oceans – the Arctic, the Atlantic

and the Pacific. Also there is a number of seas – the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Caspian Sea and so on…

If we look at the physical map of Russia, we could see plains, mountains and rivers. The largest plains are the East-European Plain and the West – Sibirian and the Caspian lowlands. The highest mountain ridges are the Caucasus, the Ural and the Altai. The longest river in Europe – the Volga – flows in Russia, and the Ob, the Yenisei, the Lena and the Amur are very important in the northern Asia. There are also many lakes in out country. The Baikal is the deepest lake and the purest natural reservoir in the world.

Russia is rich in natural resources – gas, oil, газ, нефть, coal, ironstone, gold and so on.

The climate in our country varies from the arctic to the subtropical, that’s why

The flora and the fauna are various too. For example – plants in Russia grow in such different zones as the tundra, the taiga, forests, steppes and even deserts.

Our county has a multicultural society, representatives of more than 100 nations, nationalities

and ethnic groups live here. The main population consists of Russians, Tatars, Ukranians, and there are other nationalities, of course. About 150 million people live in Russia altogether, and mostly in the European part and in the largest cities of the country. And there are probably blank spots on the map of the East and North of Russia, where nobody lives and even has been.

According to the national variety Russia is a federation. The official name is the Russian Federation. The capital of the Russian Federation is Moscow. This is one of the largest cities in the world where about 10 million people live. Moscow is situated in the central European part of Russia.

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