My trip to the President`s New year`s tree – 2011

New year`s tree was given to me. I was very happy because I have never been to the President`s New year`s tree before.

I went to the camp on the 10th of September and on the 19th of December I was going to Moscow. Our train was late in the evening and when we came into our carriage we were fallen asleep. The next day we began to introduse each other. Our delegation consisted of 65 children that`s why we were divided into 6 groups. There were many competitions between groups during our trip to Moscow, for example, competition of songs, competitions of painting and so on. On the last day of our trip in the train there was a New year`s performance in the restaurant.

On the 24th of December we came to Moscow and went to the hotel. We had a breakfast there and were taken to the Moscow Zoo. There were many animals there including elephants and giraffes. In the evening we went to the dolphinarium where we saw a little performance. The next day, oh the 25th of December, our delegation went to the Kremlin to see the main tree in Russia and the Armoury. All day long we were there! On the 26th of December we also went to the Kremlin but not to the Red square. We went to the Kremlin palace. It was the place where we saw the great performance. We saw it 2 hours, got presents and went to the hotel. Everyone began to prepare for our leaving. In the afternoon of the 27th of December we sat into buses and went to the airport. We were waiting for the plane 1 hour. Then we sat into the airplane and after few minutes we were on our way home.

4 dayspassed rapidly but they were the best for me because I have made many friends!

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My trip to the President`s New year`s tree – 2011