Heavy Metal в моей жизни – Heavy Metal in my life

Heavy metal is a very loud music. Only some people like it, because they think that it is awful and ugly music. But it`s not true. Of course, some types of Heavy metal are extremely unsociable. They haven`t melodic or musical lyric. But global types of heavy metal are pretty good, because in the middle 80`s heavy metal was the most popular music in the world…

Now metal is not popular, because people don`t know anything about it. People like to listen to club and pop music. I think that pop music is music without soul and it is instrumental. It is not true, listen to music, which make people without musical education. And they get a lot of money for their music! It`s terrible!

As for metal, it contains marvelous guitarists, bassists, and drummer. They take money for

Their job, for their musical education. It is true.

Heavy metal was born in England in the end of 60`s by the first and the most respectful metal band of planet – Black Sabbath. The

main musician of Black Sabbath was Tommy Iommy. His wonderful guitar riffs were born the most various genre of rock music. In 70`s Black Sabbath and Deep Purple were leaders of this genre.

In 80`s was born a New Wave of British Heavy Metal (or NWOBHM). The main band of this “wave” was IRON MAIDEN. It was more aggressive, than Black Sabbath or other bands of 70`s. But they carried in heavy metal elements of opera, because vocalist of IRON MAIDEN Bruce Dickinson is a great tenor. Also he is a professional pilot of airline, a professional fencer, a composer, a musician and a vocalist. He is a

Great person.

People think that metal is awful. They have known little about it. Metal has a lot of pros. It contains masters of musical education, such as great professionals of guitars, bass, drums, vocal and sintesators. Some of the most respectable guitarists are Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple and Tommy Iommy from Black Sabbath. Steve Harris from Iron Maiden is good at bass guitar. Lars Ulrich is a great drummer. There are a lot of examples. Also metal includes beautiful ballads. They are better

than pop music.

As for me, I stand at the way of metal culture at the age of 15, after my 15`s birthday. Early I have listened to alternative and gothic music. They are little parts of metal music, but when I listened to them, I wasn`t metal head. I stand metal head when I saw a musical clip of Iron Maiden. All my early musical tastes went to low! Metal conquers me. After this day I listen to only metal music and my favourite band is Iron Maiden, of course. I bought discographies of a lot of metal bands, such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Stratovarius, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and others. It`s great music! I do love it.

I also have changed my appearance. I began to wear jeans, T-shirts with logos of favourite bands, metal chains and leather jackets. I like looking like a true metal head. It`s cool for me. Sometimes I cut long hair, because it is hard to have it. Hair needs a good care.

Metal lives in my heart and hearts of true metal heads! We never forgive Metal!

Music is my everything. I think that it is one of the most important things in my life. You know – a man can`t live without music – just like a flower without sun.

Not everybody can find something beautiful in things which seem to be weird, awful and ugly in some ways. My favorite kind of music is hevy metal, and not everybody can listen to it. But for me it is the best music.

Some years ago, just about three or four, my favourite music was rap. I enjoyed listening to it and being a rapper – wide jeans, long t-shirts and shiny chains, you know. But then I started to feel rather boringabout it – I just needed something really fresh.

And one day I found a very interesting song while surfing the Internet. The name of this song was “Hit The Lights” and the band

Who had played it was Metallica.

That was the beginning of my way in the metal world! I was really impressed – “Hit The Lights” sounded crazy and I liked it very much. Soon I listened to some other songs of Metallica – some oldy ones from the 80th and I understood that metal music was the only music I wanted to listen to and I gave up rap. To tell the truth, now I think that I looked rather silly when I was a rapper. But the things had changed.

For the first time it was really difficult for me to understand the texts of the new songs – I just listened it for energy. But then I started to search for the texts of songs in the Web… and guess what? I understood that some songs weren`t just crazy and energetic, but clever and even phylosophical. Y was shocked! I

Recognizedthat almost every band had their special ideas and themes of their songs, for example, “Slayer” told everybody about wars and it`s darkness in our world, “Megadeth” explained that it is rather hard to be a human on our Earth, not a human-like beast. The other thing – with the help of metal songs I improved my knowledge of English – I found a lot of new words and phrases. And now I see that they are really useful!

With all kinds of metal I gather a lot of interesting things to think about every day. And I am getting much kinder – something like a “Mr. Nice Guy”, huh…

You know – music is an international language, just like English. “Just as Jesus created wine from water, we humans are capable on transmuting emotions into music”

Said one man of wisdom. I think that if all of us will get closer to music, our world would be a lovely place to live in. And it will be so, I am sure.

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Heavy Metal в моей жизни – Heavy Metal in my life