Advantages and disadvantages of the USE

Does the USE have the use for Russian education system? Other people find it good. Other people find suitable for the Russian education, as it can`t show all the spectrum of pupils` know ledge.

Now, let`s discuss some positive aspects.

The main advantage of the USE is that all students have the same changes to enter universities.

Then students can enter the best Russian universities.

What is more, the method of pupils can me exceptions. For some it may be rather effective. Especially if it is an exact subject.

Now, let`s draw our attention to some negative aspects.

Student have to pass not only the USE, but also differcut supplementary subjects, which can not quite difficult from the entrance exams.

Another disadvantages is that the examinations system is far to be desired.

What is more, there is one more problems connected with the USE. Students worry very much before the USE. They are in an unknown place, with unfamiliar pupils and teachers. Besides, they are very nervous because of their results. It is not a secret; they have limited time and a whole list of difficult tasks.

To sum it up, the USE has a great number at advantages and disadvantages, but nevertheless it is a reality of our days, so pupils should be ready to it. It`s important to know all the drawbacks and hope that everything wise. Change for the better.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the USE