Where Did Chocolate Come From?

Many people like chocolate. Do you know how it came to us? You know that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. Many tasty things were brought from there to Europe. Chocolate was one of them. From his voyages to America Columbus brought some cocoa beans and the secret of a drink made from them by the Indians from Central America.

The drink was called chocolate and was made from cocoa beans and water. The Indians drank it cold with pepper. In Spain people began to put sugar instead of pepper. They kept the secret of the drink for about 100 years.

Then the receipt was taken to other European countries. It came to Britain in 1650. In 1657 a “chocolate house” was opened in London. Chocolate became a popular drink among the rich and many chocolate houses started up all over London. The English began to add milk to the drink.

Only in the 19th century people began to make sweets from chocolate. Now chocolate sweets and bars are made in many countries.

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Where Did Chocolate Come From?