How Mark Twain Was Sold in Newark

You may remember that I lectured in Newark lately for the young gentlemen of the Society? During the afternoon of that day I was talking with one of the young gentlemen, and he said he had an uncle, who, from […]


Cricket is a long game, requiring anything from three to five days for competition. Progress is often slow; and there is no certainty that a result will be achieved even when two teams play for the best part of a […]

Silent movie masters

Despite the fact that the studio system often stifled individual creativity, a number of gifted filmmakers managed to strike a balance between art and commerce and adapted to the studio system, making personal films that were also commercially successful. Allan […]

Periods of the English history

According to English scientists Henry Sweet classified this periods are connected with the development of English endings. Henry Sweet classified them as 1. The Period of Full Endings, 2. The Period of Levelled Endings in reality contains the levelled vowel […]

Вибір професії. Choosing a Career

Для нас дуже важливо зробити правильний вибір професії. Багато років тому я вирішила вступити до університету на факультет іноземних мов. Англійська мова була моїм улюбленим предметом у школі. Я добре училася. Наші уроки завжди були цікавими. Я також завзято працювала […]

Leasure time

Everybody sometimes has a free time. Somebody prefer’s only to sleep in their liesure time, but the largest part of us prefer to do a great amount of things which are pleasant and interesting for us. It may be reading, […]

Germany in the Cold War

In other parts of the world, film was undergoing a difficult transformation during the Cold War era. In the years immediately after the Second World War and Germany’s defeat, the cinema in Germany, not surprisingly, underwent a major metamorphosis. The […]

Мої плани на майбутнє. My Plans for the Future

Я вважаю, що будувати плани на майбутнє дуже складно. Але людина може припускати, що вона хотіла б робити у найближчому майбутньому. Я ще нічого не вирішив щодо моєї майбутньої професії. Зараз життя досить складне, але мені хочеться займатися цікавою роботою. […]

Far North at ancient times

The Far North was developed by the man long ago. Several thousands years people lived here, but they were few and traditional forms of managing – deer-breeding, hunting, fishing – did not bring large changes into environment. It is considered […]

Russin traditios

Almost every nation and country has a reputation of some kind. The Englishmen are reputed to be cold, reserved, rather naughty easy-going and fond of sport. They are the nation of stay-at-homes. “There is no place like home”, they say. […]

Soviet wartime cinema

In Japan, war-themed films began appearing as early as 1938. One of the first such films was Tomotaka Tasaka’s Gonin no Sekkohei (Five Scouts, 1938), which, despite its support of the Japanese war effort, seemed devoid of the blatant propaganda […]

Westminster Abbey

W. A was founded in the 11th century. It is a fine Gothic building, which stands opposite the Houses of Parliament. It is the work of many hands and different ages. The oldest part of the building dates from the […]

New cinema in Italy

In Italy, the Neorealist school had long since evaporated. Vittorio De Sica acted in and/or directed a long series of conventional romantic comedies simply to keep working, although he did complete one final masterpiece, Il Giardino dei Finzi-Contini (The Garden […]