A Competent Critic

Michelangelo, the famous Italian sculptor, lived in Florence. Once a beautiful piece of white marble was brought to Florence, and the governor of the city told Michelangelo that he wanted him to make a statue out of the marble. He […]

World Problems of Ecology

Донедавна наша планета була великим світом, у якому людська діяльність і природа були в рівновазі. Кислотні дощі, глобальне потепління, зменшення озонового шару, широко розповсюджені поява пустель і вимирання багатьох видів – із усим цим нам зараз доводиться мати справу. Екологія […]

Advertisements in the USA of Coloneal Period

Advertising experience of British journalists rapidly covered the territories of British colonies on the American continent during the XVIII century. These colonies were established on the Eastern coast of Northern America in 1608. The main part of the first inhabitants […]

Наша улица – Our Street

Я живу на Сосновой улице. Это очень тихая улочка на окраине нашего города. Она очень зеленая весной и летом. На ней много деревьев. Тротуары обсажены липами. А в садах у людей много фруктовых деревьев и сирени. В мае вся улица […]

Выбор родителей – Choice of parents

There are millions possibilities in the world thousands from which may be given to one person. But we often choose from them only one or two. We have a choice since our childhood. We choose the games to play, we […]

The Pleasure Of Travelling

Unlike his counterpart in Europe, it seems the U. S. worker has his Job on the brain even when the time has come to decompress, be it at home or on vacation. Despite the evident benefits to the economy and […]

Art gallereys of London

Speaking about art gallereys of London we should first of all mention The national gallery, The national portret galerey and The tate gallery. I would like to tell you about National portret gallery and about Tate gallery. The national gallery […]

Unsuccessful Experiment

In 1608 an Englishman, Thomas Coryate by name, was in Italy. He liked the country and wrote down everything which he found interesting. But there was one thing which he thought more interesting than any others. On one of the […]

Native and borrowed words

Native Etymologically the vocabulary of the English language is far from being homogenous. It consists of two layers – the native stock of words and the borrowed stock of words In fact native words comprise only 30% of the total […]

Canadian Cities and Towns. Великі і малі міста Канади

Канада – це країна зі швидким ростом населення. Воно в основному зосереджене у великих містах. Найважливішим серед них є столиця країни – Оттава. Вона розташована на мальовничому березі ріки Оттави. Одна третина її населення – нащадки англійських і французьких емігрантів. […]

Edwin S. Porter

While Alice Guy was blazing new cinematic advances in France and later in the United States, Edison was moving ahead with the development of the motion picture with the aid of Edwin S. Porter, whose films The Life of an […]

Город из снега – A snow town

My name is Vika Vishnjakova and I live in a very small town somewhere behind the Polar circle. I study English at school №6 and I am a student of the 7th form. Very often I spend my summer holidays […]

Four the Hollywood studio system in the 1930S and 1940S

One hundred brief films using Gaumont’s Chronophone system, which employed synchronized wax cylinders to record sound using a “Morning Glory” horn, a large acoustical “hearing aid,” to capture the voices of the performers. But the Chronophone and similar processes prior […]