Internet in daily life

More and more people nowadays are interested to be known about all events, in taking some information quickly. With the help of Internet you can make it easily. Back in the 1960th, at the time of cold war, Pentagon asked […]

Твір з англіської Mykolaiv region. Миколаївська область

Миколаївська область – адміністративна територія на півдні України. Розташована в степах Причорноморської низовини на обох берегах Південного Бугу. Загальна площа 24 600 км2, кількість населення 1300 000 жителів. Поділяється на 19 районів і 9 міст. Обласний центр – Миколаїв. Найщільніше […]

Южный Парк – South Park

One of my favorite American sitcoms is “South Park”. It is animated cartoon which is created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. You can see South Park on MTV Russia. This sitcom can be seen by mature audiences, who are […]

British education

British education emas us to develop fully the abilities of individuals, for their own benefit and of society as a whole. Compulsory schooling takes place between the agers of 5 and 16, but some pupils remain at shool for 2 […]

Educational system in Russia (informal letter)

Dear Ann, Thanks a lot for your letter. Hope you passed your German test. You asked me about the educational system in Russia. Well, most people go to nursery school first between 3 and 7 years old. Then, from age […]

Early marriages

The main problem of all early marriages is a financial one. Young couple is just depressed by their low income. Lack of proper education, inexperience & youth do not help the young to receive a large payment for the jobs […]

Центр моей жизни – The focus of my life

Today the focus of my life is learning languages. Since early childhood when I didn`t understand many things, I was dreaming about learning at least five of them. I always named English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and sometimes even Japanese. […]

Animals. Тварини

Є два види тварин. Ми знаємо диких тварин. Це ті, котрі живуть у лісах, джунглях і полях. Це лиси, тигри, вовки, зайці і так далі. І є тварини, що живуть біля людей. Їх називають свійськими тваринами. Деякі з них навіть […]

Ukrainian Traditions and religious Festivals

Українці, як і інші народи, мають свої власні звичаї і традиції: багато з них дуже давні, деякі з’являються зараз. Більшість звичаїв пов’язана з релігійними святами чи з українським житлом. Найбільш популярним зі свят є Новий рік, він відзначається 1 січня. […]


I live in Russia and I love my native country. I’d like to tell a little about its big cities and places of interest. The biggest city is Moscow, the capital of Russia. This is one of the biggest cities […]

My First Football Match

Sports have never interested me. I cannot explain why it is so: may be because, unlike most boys, I do not enjoy wearing dirty clothes and muddy boots. Clothes certainly cannot be neat and clean when one plays football or […]


Modern life is impossible without travelling. To understand how true it is you’ve to go to a railway sta an airport where you can see hundreds of people hurrying to board a train or a plane. Those who wish to […]