Olympic Games in London

London was host for the first time in 1908. With 1,500 competitors from 19 nations, the Games were by now an institution of world-wide significance. The programme, moreover, was augmented by the inclusion of Association football (which appeared in 1900 […]


Wales is a country of lakes and mountains. Its about the half the size of Switzerland, and it has a population of two and three quarter million. On the north of Wales is some of the most beautiful scenery in […]

A Careless Tongue

There was a young woman who liked to tell stories about her neighbours. Some stories were good, some stories were funny and then young woman told them to make people laugh. As always happens in such cases the other people, […]

Marriage and love

Marriage is different from love. It is a good institution but I must add that a lot depends on the person you are married to. There is no such thing as a good wife or a good husband – there […]

Твір з англіської мови Рівненська область

Rivne was founded in the 13th century. Рівне було засноване в 13 сторіччі. У 18 і 19 століттях офіційно місто належало Росії, але фактично воно було столицею власного королівства польської родини Любомир-ських, що мали навіть власну армію. Їхній палац був […]

Домашні улюбленці. Pets

Багато людей люблять тварин. І багато хто тримають тварин у будинку. Таких тварин ми називаємо домашніми улюбленцями. Це кішки, собаки, хом’ячки, білі миші і так далі. Вони знають своїх господарів і люблять їх. І усі вихованці мають потребу в хазяйській […]

The Auteur Theory

In the midst of all this technological tumult, a new group of American directors came of age, eager to embrace the shift to color and CinemaScope. They were also bolstered by the critical cheerleading of the French journal Cahiers du […]

Не учи английский! – Don’t learn English!

Bad advice for school children. Warning! This article can damage your mind. The world is crazy about English! English is everywhere from morning till night! It’s like madness: you have to learn it even if you don’t want. You can’t […]

He was a Philosopher

He was 70 years old, bald-headed, with an absurd pug nose and an unkempt beard. He wore nothing but a cloak – no shoes, no shirt, no underwear. He had the merriest of ispositions, no one had ever seen him […]


Соединенные Штаты Америки – одна из величайших стран мира. Она расположена на Северо-Американском континенте и омывается тремя океанами: Тихим, Атлантическим и Северным Ледовитым. Она граничит только с двумя странами – Канадой и Мексикой. В этой огромной стране много гор, рек, […]

Твір з англіської мови Ужгород. Uzhhorod

Ужгород (колишній Унгар) – південні ворота до української частини Карпат, головне місто українського Закарпаття. Місто знаходиться на відстані 4 км від словацького кордону і 25 км від угорського. Ужгород існував, починаючи з 903 року нашої ери. Закарпаття було частиною Угорщини, […]

David Attenborough

David Attenborough is very gloomy about much of what he’s seen. What’s depressed him most has been the huge speed and scale of change that human beings are inflicting on the world. People destroy everything around them. For example they […]

Learning languages

The problem of learning languages is very important today. Foreign languages are socially demanded especially at the present time when the progress in science and technology has led to an explosion of knowledge and has contributed to an overflow of […]