Environmental protection

Our earth is our home, so if we want to protect our home we should protect our environment from harmful effects of human activity. Some ofthese activities cause pollution. Pollution now is a very important problem. Some of these problem […]

Beyond Western Europe and the United States

In Japan, the cinema was rapidly becoming more sexually graphic and violent, with the pinku eiga, or “pink” film, dominating the marketplace in the late 1960s. “Pink” films were near-pornographic conflations of sex and sadomasochistic violence, such as Kôji Wakamatsu’s […]


In our society the information plays a great role. Since the 20s н ears of the 20th century the mass media developed quickly all over the world. However, the storyof them is much longer. In the antiquity express couriers ran […]

The Hollywood professionals

Besides these major directors, a veritable army of skilled journeymen were trained to handle everyday directorial assignments. The studios supervised the careers of not only their actors, but also their directors, cinematogra-phers, and other key creative personnel, acting as a […]

Твір з англіської мови Poltava. Полтава

На мальовничому березі ріки Ворскла розташоване одне із найбільш цікавих міст України – Полтава. Полтава викликає інтерес завдяки своїй історії. Уперше вона була згадана в літописах як Лтава в 1174 році. Ця стара назва змінилася тільки в 1430 році. В […]

Привидение (хэллоуин) – The ghost

Do you like stories about ghosts? I`d like to tell you one. The ghost lives on the roof of our house. It likes biscuits, sweets and jam. It likes wearing fairytale heroes` clothes. It teases people, birds and animals. Summer […]

Кино в нашей жизни – Cinema in Our Life

Кино действительно является искусством нашего времени. Сегодня это самая большая эстетическая и образовательная сила в мире. Открытие фотографии в 1828 году сыграло огромную роль в развитии кино. 1895 стал годом, когда появилось кино. После изобретения кинематографа братьями Люмьер кино широко […]

City & Guilds helps to find a new friend!

Hello, dear reader!!! Today was not anything special until one great thing. Today I went to skating with my friends and my mum. After coming back I started to write essays to International Essay Competition which is organized by City […]

George Cukor

George Cukor was known in the trade as a “woman’s director” because of his skill in directing such stars as Katharine Hepburn, but his credits range over a wide variety of genres. A Bill of Divorcement (1932) was Hepburn’s screen […]

Planning a day

My working day begins rather early. I wake up at 6.30,1 am not an early – riser and its difficult for me to get up so early. Then I go to the bathroom, wash my face, clean my teeth and […]