Museums and art galleries

Millions people al over the world spend their holidays visiting museums and art galleries. They visit them to see new things, to know more about other countries, their traditions, about history and even future of the mankind. There are different […]

The old masters

The 1960s also saw the final films of many of the classical Hollywood directors who had worked in the industry since its infancy. Alfred Hitchcock’s last films were among his best, including the European-influenced horror picture The Birds (1963), in […]

Why Was She So Frightened?

Dick was a clever boy, but his parents were poor, so he had to work in his spare time and during his holidays to pay for his education. In spite of this, he managed to get to the university, but […]


Every country in the world has its own national festivals. However, there are also festivals which are common almost for all countries, for example, the New Year, the first day of every year. In Russia it is the most popular […]


A year is long time. Lot;s of things happen in a year. There are four seasons in a year. All the seasons are nice: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring is the morning of the year. In spring nature awakens […]

Coming across

How many times do we make ourselves think of our behavior and treatment towards other people? And the same question used to be held in a painter’s head. Bernard lived on his own, but, on the other hand he had […]

National holidays

There are many national holidays in the world, when people all over the country do not work and have special celebrations. For example in Russia the major holidays are: New Year’s Day, Victory Day. The first holiday of the year […]

Климат Украины – Climate of Ukraine

Украина занимает территорию, расположенную в Восточной части Европы. На западе находятся Карпатские горы, а на юге – Крымские. Территория Украины омывается Азовским и Черным морями. Эти факторы влияют на климат Украины. Он большей частью умеренно континентальный. Но Крым значительно отличается […]

A person whom I would like to talk with

A person whom we choose to talk with characterizes us. Somebody prefer chatting or listening, somebody needs advice or wants to solve world problems. I don”t have an aim to solve any world question. I don”t deal with politics. I […]

Wales. Уельс

Wales covers about 10 per cent of the island of GB, but has only about 5 per cent of the population of the United Kingdom. About 20 per cent of the people speak Welsh, an ancient Celtic language. English and […]

Mein Lieblingsflm „Alexander“

Когда у меня есть свободное время, я люблю смотреть телевизор. Но телевизор не может заменить посещения кинотеатра, я люблю ходить в кино. Среди тех фильмов, которые я смотрела, у меня есть, конечно, любимый фильм. Этот фильм называется “Александр”. Культовый режиссер […]

How Scotland fought for its independence

In 1286 the king of Scotland died. About ten barons wanted to become the king of Scotland. They asked Edward the First of England to decide the question. He came with a strong army and said that he was the […]

Getting around in britain

Britain has almost the same population as France but less than half the space. With 238 people per square kilometre, it is a densely populated country. So it is not surprising that the transport system is fairly comprehensive. With the […]


Англія розташована на півдні та сході острова Великої Британії і має найбільшу територію з усіх 4 країн, що утворюють Сполучене Королівство. В Англії мешкає близько 80% усього населення держави, тож вона є густо заселеним краєм. 95% її населення мешкає у […]