A Laconic Answer

There was a time when the people of Greece were not united but instead there were several states each of which had its own ruler. Some of the people in the southern part of the country were called Spartans and […]

Geographical Position of Australia

Австралія Займає континент Австралію, розташований на південному сході від Азії, і острів Тасманію з рядом маленьких островів. Вона омивається Тиморським морем на півночі, Кораловим і Тасма-новим морями на сході й Індійським океаном на півдні і заході. Австралія – найпосушливіший континент […]

The Life of Ukrainian youth

У наші дні, коли наша незалежна держава – Україна – розвивається, велика увага приділяється молоді. Бажання молоді в майбутньому стати кваліфікованими фахівцями є причиною вступу до вузу. Вища освіта для молоді – це спосіб розвити свої таланти і здібності, свій […]

INDUSTRIES IN UKRAINE. Вправа 14, 22 стор. 11

Ukraine produces almost 5% of the world’s industrial output in almost 300 industrial branches. Ukraine provides оПе-tenth of the planet’s cast iron, one-eleventh of the steels, and one-tenth of pit coal. Heavy industries, coal and machine building are predominant in […]

The United States Of America

The United States of America, popularly called “The States”. “U. S. A”, “The Land of Liberty” is a vast country stretching across the middle of North America. This country which at one time inhabited by Red Indians, is now the […]

Полтава – Poltava

На живописном берегу реки Ворскла расположен один из самых интересных городов Украины – Полтава. Полтава вызывает интерес благодаря своей истории. Впервые она была упомянута в летописях как Лтава в 1174 году. Это старое название изменилось только в 1430 году. В […]

Отель моей мечты – My dream hotel

While thinking the idea of my dream hotel, I have sorted lots of variants. For a long time I could not decide which one to choose. And then I thought… Novgorod is the place where the spirit of ancient Russian […]

Британская кухня – British cuisine

Traditional British cuisine includes fish and chips, roast beef, steak, mash, and probably famous pudding. Certainly we may find different kinds of food in any restaurant in England, but these are the popular I guess because many Englishmen, answering the […]

A Fantastic Journey. An Amazing Journey

I am Cristina. The name of my guardian angel which I saw on an icon makes me happy. My family name is Ungureanu which means that my ancestors came from Hungary. It is true that once the Hungarian nomads wandered […]

Classification of functional styles, belles-lettres style

A functional style of language is a system of interrelated language means which serves a definite aim in communication. In the English literary standard Galperin distinguishes the following major functional styles (FS): belles-lettres; publicistic literature; newspaper; scientific prose; official documents. […]

Exotic animals

Some people prefer to keep exotic animals instead of traditional cats and dogs. Well, tastes differ! But anyway, it does not matter what living beings people care for. What really matters is love you give to your pet. Exotic pets […]

The Royal Residences

Kensington Palace is a royal palace in London. Originally a private country house, the building was acquired by William III and Mary II in 1689 and was adopted for royal residence by Sir Christopher Wren. Kensington House as it was […]

Flying to the Sun

Daedalus was a brighfman. He was full of ideas on how to build and make new things. His king asked him to build a life-sized maze. The king put people inside the maze, hoping they would never find their way […]

Lois Weber

While Griffith labored on his epic films, other figures, both in the United States and abroad, were making their mark in the industry. Lois Weber, in particular, deserves attention. Born in 1881 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Weber was a child prodigy, […]

British enthusiasm about cars

The British are enthusiastic about mobility. They regard the opportunity to travel far, and frequently as a right. Some commuters spend up to two or three hours each day getting to work in London or some other big city and […]