Every morning we like to begin our day with cup of tea at breakfast-time. But more than three hundred years ago most of the people in Europe did not know anything about tea. Some people had heard about tea, but […]

Мои планы на будущее – My Plans for the Future

Я считаю, что строить планы на будущее очень сложно. Но человек может предполагать, что он будет делать в ближайшем будущем. Я еще ничего не решил насчет моей будущей профессии. Сейчас жизнь довольно сложная, но мне хочется заниматься интересной работой. Я […]

Кіровоград. Kirovohrad

A city and region capital Kirovohrad is situated in the southeastern Dnieper Upland on the Inhul River, at the confluence of the Suhokma and the Bianka rivers. Місто й обласний центр Кіровоград розташований на південному сході Придніпровської височини на березі […]

Будь собой! – Be yourself!

Everyone is special because of being different. Personality mostly comes from the inside not the outside. It doesn’t matter what people think of you. The only person who matters is yourself. You should learn that you can’t be loved by […]

International English language exams

City & Guilds is one of the world`s pre-eminent organisations for vocational education. City & Guilds take pride in the diversity of the qualifications they offer. Among them they do offer International English language certificates. In our vibrant world, where […]


Answers: 1. What is the procedure of showing films in Great Britain? There is usually one main film, a shorter one, a news film, some advertisements and a “trailer” telling about the film for the next week. The first “showing” […]

Gone With the wind

The most famous film of the era is undoubtedly 1939’s Gone with the Wind, based on Margaret Mitchell’s page-turning best seller about the South during the Civil War. The production was the brainchild of independent producer David O. Selznick (in […]

About Rap

Rap is a style of music that has been popular in Britain and the United States for over ten years. The noun “rap” comes from the verb “to rap”. This is an informal word meaning to talk quickly and a […]


Der wissenschaftliche Fortschritt hat zum Durchbruch auf dem Gebiet der Kenntnisse gefuhrt. Die modernen Technologien erlauben den Leuten aus verschiedenen Stellen der Welt, miteinander Beziehungen zu unterhalten. Dazu braucht man Fremdsprachen zu lernen, als eines der wichtigsten Mittel der Kommunikation […]

The History of Rock and Pop The ’70s

Two groups show the different sides of ’70s pop – Abba and The Sex Pistols. Sweden’s Abba worked with the latest Technology. Their songs were popular with people from 8 to 80. They were rich. They made videos. They were […]

About myself and my hobby

Let me introduce myself. My full name is Tsalko Anastasiya Vyacheslavovna. I was born on Match, 2, 1981 in the city of Slavsk, Kaliningrad region. I have finished the North-west academy of public administration. And now I work. I have […]


There were Slavic settlements on the territory of the modern European part of Russia still long before Christ. However, as a beginning of the Russian state the 9 th century is held when the Old-Russian state here had been formed. […]

Моя улюблена кімната. My Favourite Room

У нас у будинку є чотири кімнати. Але моя улюблена – кабінет, що є найбільшою кімнатою. Він повний чудових речей: книг, картин, колекцій монет, є відео і комп’ютер. У кабінеті стоїть дуже старий письмовий стіл. Мій прадід купив його на […]

Vinnytsia region. Вінницька область

На сьогодні Вінницька область найбільша сільськогосподарська і промислова, культурна й історична область незалежної України. Нова область була заснована 27 лютого 1932 року, і її територія складає 4,5 % території держави. Вона розташована в центральній частині правобережжя України і межує з […]