Любимое место моего детства – The favourite place of my childhood

In this composition I would like to tell about my holiday of a lifetime in Novogorsk. This place has become the favourite one since my childhood and kept in the memory until the present moment.

When I was three years old, my mother was granted a sanatorium voucher. Naturally, we decided to go there with all our family. The sanatorium was situated not far from precincts of a town. However, the nature was gorgerous here.

No doubt, most of all I liked bathing. Then I could not swim yet, that is why I had a special inflatable circle. I adored splashing in the water. So, I was looking in dispair atthe people swimming around and thought: “Is it necessary to be able to swim to enjoy batting?”.

Every day we would go for walks around the sanatorium area among tall

And branchy fir trees, which especially stamped in my memory. Not less enjoyable for me was cones collecting, since there was a plenty of them under mighty branches of these grand trees: both

small and big – for your choice.

Apart from that, I had also a favourite tree in Novogorsk – a willow. Its trunk was thick and branches were spreading. It is quite easy to clutch to them and swarm up. In my opinion, it is similar to climbing a ladder with obstacles. Hereabout there was an old neglected fountain with beautiful sculptural figures. Despite the fact that it did not functionate, you could watch small fishes swimming, which was really exciting.

In the evenings I and my parents would go to the nearest village to buy some goat`s milk. To feed the goats we took some bread with

Ourselves, as they were not afraid to eat out of one`s hands. How tasty it is to drink fresh milk in the open air!

Afterwards visiting this place has become a family tradition; we went here every summer just to take a walk, play badminton, have some fresh milk.

To conclude, I think it is very important to have a native corner for the good of one`s soul. When I come to this place again, I forget about all the troubles and problems, as the beauty of the nature preoccupies my attention.

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Любимое место моего детства – The favourite place of my childhood